Recent Activities

The Katharine Pratt Horton Buffalo Chapter of the NSDAR supports many national and state DAR Projects and serves the community in various ways. Here are some photographs from some recent events, which represent a sampling of our varied activities.

Continental Congress
June 2016


Our members served as pages at Continental Congress, held in June, 2016.


KPH member Lauren Hill serves as a page at Continental Congress.

State Conference in Tarrytown


Karen and Amanda Dickerman and Lauren Hill at State Conference in Tarrytown.  The theme was The Victorian Era.


Karen and Amanda Dickerman in period dress for the Saturday banquet at State Conference.

Genealogy Workshop


Chapter member Mary Penn, left, gives a genealogy workshop to Girl Scout Troop #30456. Mothers and their daughters are standing at the timeline at their birthdates. The girls read interviews from the oldest living relative; presented a keepsake of the family; and then cut out paper dolls to put along the timeline representing themselves, their mother, and their grandparents. Through the timeline the girls were taught how to look for gaps in birthdates and get a sense of how far back the Revolutionary War occurred. There was also a presentation and instruction on locating records and resources online.

Registrar Karen McKee Honored as New York State Outstanding Registrar


Congratulations to Chapter registrar Karen McKee who was awarded the 2012-13 New York State Outstanding Registrar at the 117th NYS Conference in Syracuse, which was held in September 2013. She is responsible for 130 new members over the ten-year period that she has been the registrar for KPH. Since 2006 our membership has grown from 116 to over 185.

Naturalization Ceremony



Reception for Rear Admiral Robin Graf USN
September 11, 2012



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